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This is a great honour for Renella to be chosen to be a Sassoon salon, it came about when Ross, Laura Hill and Danielle Thompson started to work as freelance educators on Wella's behalf.

Ross Says "When we were asked to educate on Wella's behalf, you can imagine this was a fantastic opportunity. To then get the chance to become a Sassoon partner salon was just a dream. In my industry lifetime, Vidal Sassoon was always the top man, the person that led us to where we are and his legacy still remains in the salons throughout the world. This opens up the doors to not only amazing products but a whole new customer service that we can now offer, this will be amazing.

If you didn't already know, Wella make the Sassoon products on the behalf, this is how we came about getting this chance as educators we had to learn about them and we loved them, we spoke to Sassoon and Wella and we got this opportunity and we took it".

So what does this mean actually happens?

Renella will as normal keep its own identity, and we are using one of our 3 separate salons under the one roof to make it into a Sassoon salon. In this salon guests will be treated to a Sassoon experience, gowns, towels, colours, cuts and styles, even the bowls and brushes are all Sassoon brand. The Service is a step up from even the amazing service Renella already give and is one of the many reasons why its great for the salon and our guests, it will test our service to new heights, combining what we already do and the new approach added by Sassoon.

The Sassoon Philosophy

Every Sassoon cut and colour is a living and growing embodiment of the Sassoon philosophy: to work with hair in its natural state, to treat hair as an organic material, to shape and balance hair to reflect the individual and reveal their beauty.

Client suitability-Freedom of movement.

Sassoon created the idea of sensuous suitability: determining for each client how their bone structure, face shape, complexion and individual style interplay, a flawless fusion of client, cut and colour

An individual's hair is understood, its texture refined, its movement studied so it can be cut as if material, shaped by the stylist for a soft structure and sensual movement and coloured to complement the skin. Sassoon cut and colour is modern and low-maintenance, progressing from day to night with ease, functional yet fresh, moving freely but staying in shape.

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